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March 22nd, 2012 IRTG Spring School 2012, "Physics of Rare Probes",
07-11 May 2012, Heidelberg
June 24th, 2011 IRTG Fall School 2011, "Space physics and development of space electronics",
03-07 Oct. 2011, Andoya Rocket Base, Norway
April 10th, 2011 IRTG Spring School 2011, "Application of nuclear and particle physics methods to medical physics",
02-06 May 2011, Bergen
August 17th, 2010 IRTG Fall School 2010, "Radiation tolerant detectors in high energy physics",
01-05 Nov. 2010, Heidelberg
April 22nd, 2010 IRTG Spring School 2010, "First experience and results from LHC",
10-14 May 2010 Heidelberg
June 26th, 2008 - Announcement of the IRTG Topical Workshop of 'Intelligent Detectors Present - Future' on 25-27 September 2008 in Heidelberg
March 6th, 2008 - Announcement of the IRTG Spring School in Heidelberg 2008
December 12th, 2007 - Course program by the Graduate Academy 2007/2008 :
goto ---> Graduate Academy
October 19th, 2007 - First IRTG meeting this term with S. Gorbunov:
"Development and application of the Kalman filter method in the CBM and ALICE experiments"
September 27/28th, 2007 - Lecture on ALICE Physics given by Francois Arleo:
"Signals from the QGP: photons and jets, theoretical ideas and experimental facts"
from LAPTH, Annecy.
September 17/18th, 2007 - Workshop on '3D detectors' at the University of Oslo in the framework of the IRTG "Development and applications of intelligent detectors"
July 27st, 2007 - There will be the last seminar in this term with a talk from J.Knopf 'Commissioning of the LHCb Outer Tracker Front-end electronic' in seminar room 3 PI and further topics for discussion t.b.a.
Feb 21st, 2007 - There is the possibility to attend the 31st Johns Hopkins Workshop 'Physics at the LHC - A Challenge for Theory and Experiment' held in Heidelberg from August 2-4, 2007. More information is available under this link. This workshop is supported by the IRTG.
Feb 8th, 2007 - The web page of the spring school in Bergen can be found here. Please register as soon as possible. Hotel bookings have to be done on your own responsibility (have a look at the suggestions on that page).
Jan 23rd, 2007 - The upcoming spring school of the IRTG will be held in Bergen from April 11th to 15th.
Oct 9th, 2006 - The lectures and presentations of the 2006 Heidelberg fall school are available here now.
Aug 26th, 2006 - You can find the complete list of people taking part in the "Graduiertenkolleg" under members now. The detailed description of PhD projects still has to be finished.
Aug 4th, 2006 - For seminars of the last three terms, please click here.
Jul 20th, 2006 - You can now sign up for the lecture week in Heidelberg online. Please click here to do so.
Registration has been closed by now ! Tentative planning of the Heidelberg Fall School (see below)