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SS 2008 - summer term 2008

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31th March - April 4th, 2008 IRTG lecture week
April 11th, 2008 HGFSP Annual Meeting
May 2nd, 2008 Symmetrie and Temperature!?
R. Soualah
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May 16th, 2008 Extensive air showers (EAS)
G.V. Andrei
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May 23th, 2008 What is asymptotic freedom and how do we know of?
A. Jung
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May 30th, 2008 Characterisation of Silicon Photomultipliers
Alexander Tadday
June 6th, 2008
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June 13th, 2008 Rate Metering for the ATLAS Experiment
Felix Müller
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June 20th, 2008
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June 27th, 2008 Extra Dimensions and Mini Black Holes
H.-C. Schulz-Coulon
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July 4th, 2008 Data Acquisition Backbone Core
Dr. H.G. Essel (GSI)
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July 11th, 2008 tba
F. Rettig
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July 18th, 2008 PET @ Philips Research
Dr. Volkmar Schulz, Senior Scientist
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July 25th, 2008
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August 1st, 2008
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August 8th, 2008
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August 15th, 2008
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